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Experience doesn't need to be pleasant but STRONG - STRONG memories demand STRONG photos. As everybody, I started as tourist photographer but WHERE MOST QUIT, I'M JUST STARTING.

Strategy is beyond technique, techniques are beyond tools.

It doesn't matter what camera system do you have. It's all about vision​ and ability to speak photographically - knowing how human sight and cameras see.

Check out my latest adventures:

Nixenfalls, Austria
Power of Water never stops to impress me - I always look for some masterpieces carved by water and time.[...]

"Very good photos, artistically created if you will, feeling for light, that’s what David’s photos say."

Marie D.
Jane Smith

"I’ve got this photo for its dark undertone. A radiating power of elements harnessed by work of humans.

Šárka G.
Shane Melaugh